Apps to Aid You During and Emergency

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These are dangerous times. Mother Nature is unleashing droughts and record-setting high temperatures. It seems a new tornado is tearing through the Midwest every day. And those are just the big emergencies. What if you lock yourself out of your car when your toddler's stuck inside? Happily, there's a whole class of apps that will help you deal with emergencies big and small. Here is a closer look at three of these apps that may be able to bail you out in case of an emergency.


AroundMe has been around for a while, but it continues to be a top locator app. With it, you can discover everything from the nearest gas station to the nearest bank. It is simple to see how AroundMe can assist in case of an emergency. Say your child is sick, you're in a strange city, and you must find a hospital as quickly as possible. Just log onto the app, select the category that you need – in this case, “Hospital” – and find the nearest medical provider to you. It's little shock that many consumers consider AroundMe to be a must-have app.

CPR & Choking

In emergency situations people are susceptible to loosing their cool, so this app is good for people who have had training in CPR or people who never have. It offers you full instructions, videos, and tips on how to perform CPR if someone near you is choking. The University of Washington, in conjunction with the King County EMS, created this app to help people save lives, so not surprisingly, it is free.

Emergency Radio Free

What if there's an armed criminal on the loose in your community? What if a tornado has been spotted? You can stay informed with Emergency Radio Free, an app that lets you access hundreds of police, fire, weather, as well as other live emergency radio feeds from around the country. It's easy, too, to distinguish and tune into radio feeds in your specific community. You can also save radio feeds to a favorites area to be able to access them quickly should an emergency pop up.

These apps cannot protect you completely but they are good to have in your toolbox to help safeguard you should an emergency strike.


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