It is very tough to start a business; this is the reason a lot of start-ups fail in the first few years. So make managing your employees easier by employing some of the many apps that are available on the market to help you. The following three apps are among the best to increase productivity and manage your employees.

Labor Time Tracker

Physically punching a time clock in and out of work is very old fashioned. But with Labor Time Tracker you employees do this virtually. It costs only $4.95 a month per employee and allows you to easily see who is out and who is working as well as monitor overtime and pay.


Trello is one of many organization apps designed to keep business owners on task, but Trello does differ in one significant way: It lets business owners add employees and contractors to their various to-do lists. This way, everyone in a company can see these lists and keep tabs on what ought to be done throughout the day. Trello also lets business owners assign tasks to their employees and send them messages related to the business's various to-do lists.


TribeHR is not only low-cost, only $2 a month for each user, but it is also one of the highest-ranking human-resources apps out there. With it business owners can track employee’s time off, schedule evaluations, and update employee profiles. It basically does all you need without having a large HR department.

Building a small business in this challenging economy is difficult enough. So make your life a little easier by taking a close look at the apps outlined above.


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