Microsoft Word Tips: Increased Productivity at Work

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1. Get comfortable with the Track Changes feature

Tools > Track Changes

Lawyers, publishers, and other word-processing pros use Track Changes. That’s because there’s no better technique to edit or proofread a document for a co-worker or client. With Track Changes enabled, all of your edits are obviously marked for the original author to evaluate and accept or reject. You can even add margin comments to suggest tweaks, ask questions, or offer words of encouragement.

WARNING: Ensure that you accept all changes and save your document before submitting it to a client or prospect—you don’t want them to see all of the edits which were made to the document. (They don’t have to know how the sausage is made…)

2. Use Find and Replace for efficient editing and formatting

Edit > Find > Advanced Find and Replace

Find and replace is another great tool if you are editing a document. Say you notice the word weather is always spelled whether in the document. You can just find and replace all the misspellings at once. You can also replace the entire font in the document using this tool. This could come in handy, for example, if your company uses a distinct font in their branding.

3. Customize your toolbars to suit your daily needs and routines

View > Toolbars > Customize Toolbars and Menus

Most of us do not use all of the buttons and functions that are defaulted to appear in the toolbar of Microsoft Word. By spending a little time customizing your toolbar to have the functions you use with greater regularity, you can same yourself time in the long run.

4. Eliminate formatting frustration: Add the “Show all nonprinting characters” button to your toolbar

This helpful button lets you see all of the formatting elements at play in your document, many of which are otherwise undetectable. When Word begins to act peculiar and you can’t understand why your text isn’t doing what you want it to do, simply click the “Show all nonprinting characters” button to see what’s happening and how to fix it. Boom.


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