Robots As Helpers

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Here's what we dreamed of as children: jetpacks, entire meals that came in pill form, time travel, and, needless to say, helper robots. That last notion was especially interesting: What humans wouldn't desire a robot to make their bed for them each day, go to work for them if they didn't feel like making the commute, or vacuum the living room rug when they'd rather put up their feet and watch television? Unfortunately, this promised day of robot butlers, maids, and workers has never dawned. Sure, we have little robots that vacuum our rugs, but they're always bumping into things. Can we do better than vacuum-bots?

This amusing video called "Thanks a lot, robot friend" highlights the drawback with helper robots in a few seconds. The task the robot in the video is attempting to accomplish is to pour a beer into a glass while holding something in the other arm. Upon attempting to execute this task, the robot pours beer everywhere and then it’s arm falls off. It may be absurd, but it implies that robots have a ways to go before they are able to perform even simple household tasks.

Washing Your Hair the Robotic Way

Some companies, however, have created some robots that fall under the helper robot category. One of these is Panasonic; they designed a robot that washes your hair. It literally wets, shampoos, conditions, and rinses your hair. It also will give you a massage. This robot has been developed for elderly people and people who would need assistance with this.

The Robot Bed

Another robot that Panasonic developed for elderly and disabled people is a robotic bed. It transforms into an electric wheelchair, and back into a bed. So, helper bots are not quite as far off as it may seem. They are just being developed to help individuals who require assistance with simple tasks, instead of people who would just prefer to be lazy. But someday we might all have helper robots to fetch us a beverage from the refrigerator.


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