The Real World Application Of Military Technologies

On August 24, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Social Media

The military develops new technology constantly. And some of their most recent inventions may impact life as we know it more then you might realize. Below are a few exciting things they have recently developed.

The laser gun

The laser gun, did you ever think we'd see the development of this? It’s only for the world of sci-fi right? Evidently it’s not. The military has actually developed an operational laser gun. It is known as the Excalibur, and not just that, they are currently creating laser weapons that are 10 times lighter than the Excalibur. The purpose of all of this is to create 10-kilowatt devices that can be used in precision strikes and replace traditional guns.

The doctor is in – your body

DARPA is focusing on nanoparticles that can treat illness and infection in the human body. The program is undoubtedly moving quickly, and researchers are presently focusing on this nanotechnology with large animals.

Thermal imaging on the cheap

The U.S. military has long used thermal imaging technology but this technology is far from cheap. That's why DARPA is now working on its Low Cost Thermal Imager manufacturing program. This program, as its name suggests, is attempting to substantially lower the cost of thermal imaging technology. DARPA would like to one day see thermal imaging machinery in cell phones, eyeglasses, drones, helmets, and rifle sights.


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