Three Great Translation Apps

On September 7, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Social Media

If you travel overseas on family vacations or for business you might have come across a language barrier. Luckily, your smartphone can help you with this problem. There are many translation apps available that you can use on your personal or business trips. Below are three that we think are some of the best.


This app, which charges users $4.99 for every language they want to speak, is very user friendly. The app, available on both iPhone and Android devices, allows users to speak into their smartphones or tablets in their native language. It then provides a quick translation into a specific language via text and voice. Jibbigo comes with more than 40,000 words in its vocabulary. Additionally, it doesn't have to have a network connection. This can be essential to travelers in remote locations.

Dean Foster's Culture Guides

If you want an app that provides you with more information then just translations, Dean Foster’s Culture Guides may be what you are searching for. Currently, these guides are only available for 12 countries but they supply maps, current weather reports, exchange rates, along with translations.

Word Lens

Word Lens works a little differently then other translation apps. It uses your smartphones camera. All you do is snap a picture of something written, whether that be a sign, menu, or book and this app will translate it for you. Sadly, the only languages stored in this app are Spanish, French, Italian, and English; though they are working on growing the app. So if you are visiting a country that speaks these languages, this will be very useful.


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